Vaata(104 min)
Erik Tikan,

Estcoy-8 (ENG)

This is the untold story of the Estonian infantry company Estcoy-8, which suffered the heaviest losses in the history of modern Estonia.

  • Director, cinematographer, film editor:Erik Tikan
  • Producer:Kristel Eplik
  • Composer:Rainer Tugevus
  • Avaldatud:05.2022

In May 2009, Estonian infantry company Estcoy-8 arrived in Afghanistan. During the following six months it suffered heavy casualties as five young men eventually lost their lives.

In Levila's first feature-length film, "Estcoy-8", the survivors and people close to the victims talk openly about the events that took place. How to deal with the loss of a friend who died of suicide? What kind of daily lives do the survivors lead today?

This is a story about Estonian people fighting in a foreign country. A story of responsibility, courage, grief and about moving on in life.

The film is dedicated to the men lost in the mission, but also to all the Estonian people who have served in Afghanistan.

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